17.03.2023 Compatibility

Selected 2N IP Intercoms Now Certified for Use With Zoom Phone

Zoom-certified 2N devices offer great convenience to corporate clients of all sizes – they connect their 2N IP Intercoms with Zoom Phone  

Everyone loves having everything they need for their job in one place – especially in corporate environments where technological convenience and ease of use are key to an organised, successful workplace. Zoom-certified 2N

At 2N, we always keep this in mind – which is why we build our IP technology on open protocols and take pride in our wide range of integration partners! After all, there’s no point having a fancy IP intercom at the front door if you can’t use it with anything else in the building. 

2N’s latest Zoom Phone-certified devices are as follows: the 2N® IP Style, 2N® IP Verso, 2N® IP Solo, 2N® IP Force, 2N® IP Safety, 2N® IP Base, 2N® IP Uni, and 2N® IP Audio Kit.

This integration allows you to pair our technology with Zoom Phone: a feature-rich cloud phone system for businesses of all sizes.

What does ‘certified for use with Zoom Phone’ give you?  

Connect 2N IP Intercoms with Zoom Phone and allow users to use Zoom to answer and control the door from anywhere they access their Zoom services 

  • Accept audio calls from intercoms with Zoom  
  • Open the door directly from the call 
  • Transfer calls to another user 
  • Works with Zoom desktop client and the Zoom mobile app 
  • Zoom Phone Certified 

Calls from 2N IP intercoms are registered in the call history or recorded for further verification and an enhanced overview of the building’s security. All 2N devices support multicast and secure SIP using TLS and SRTP. 

"We are pleased to include 2N as a hardware partner and look forward to the solutions they will bring to our users and the evolving ecosystem." 

Jeff Fox, Strategic Alliances Marketing Lead at Zoom 

Best intercoms for this certification 


The 2N® IP Verso is the world’s most modular intercom which makes it perfect for any project, no matter the demands, and is easy to integrate with our technology partners. Provide your customers with reliable access control and multiple access options: RFID, keypad, fingerprint, and of course mobile access powered by 2N’s patented Bluetooth technology WaveKey.  


A truly ground-breaking IP intercom perfect for premium projects! It features a 5MPX camera, sleek 10’’ display, IP65 and IK08-certified durability, customisable UI, and multiple access options. The latest update offers something unique: an AntiBac coating that kills 99% of bacteria and viruses powered by natural light! 


An intercom perfect for high-security projects: the 2N® IP Force is close to indestructible, great for visitor communication monitoring, and perfect for integration, too. Plus – a wide-range HD camera!  

*Please note that currently, the Zoom certification is only compatible with audio functions.

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