20.04.2022 Software

The 2N® IP Style Can Now Read QR Codes!

Meet the growing demand for the use of QR codes in access control systems. The latest version of the 2N OS 2.34 gives our exceptional touchscreen intercom this ultimate capability.

QR codes – stylish one-time access

IP Style, Mobile in handWe’re adding another access option, the QR code. A great solution especially for one-time access or access for a limited time only. The 2N® IP Style intercom supports QR code reading, but soon we will introduce two new products that will also read QR codes.

The 2N® IP Style scans for QR codes every second, so the user simply has to show the QR code to the intercom and is immediately allowed into the building. There’s no need to bring the phone with the QR code close to the camera, simply turn the display towards the intercom at a natural distance of about 3 feet  from the screen.

The 2N® IP Style supports QR codes that contain 10-15 digits. In our case, this means the QR code is an alternative to manually entering a PIN. Even so, this is a secure method. Cracking a QR code like this would theoretically take an incredible 115,740 days.

Settings: enable the function in the 2N® IP Style web interface: Hardware -> Door -> Entry Rules -> QR code reading

How to generate a QR code?

You can generate QR codes in three different ways.

  • Via the intercom’s web interface – go to the Users  section, select a user and click on the QR code icon in the user codes  section. You can download the generated code immediately and send it to the user.
  • In 2N® Access Commandersoftware, which we call the central hub of the whole access control system. The generation and distribution of QR codes is more systematic and convenient here.
  • Using third-party QR code generators – the only condition here is that they support the generation of PIN codes from embedded digits 10-15 characters in length.

Protect your neighbours’ privacy (Camera Privacy Masking)

The new version of the 2N OS 2.34 makes one more major improvement to the 2N® IP Style intercom. Camera Privacy Masking is the ability to draw a single rectangular shape in the image captured by the camera, which will be overlaid with a single colour or mosaic. Why? The intercom camera may capture somebody else’s property, and by monitoring it, you would be invading the privacy of the owners. This feature means that you meet all GDPR requirements and satisfy all your own moral principles.

The area overlaid with the rectangle has the highest priority. So, you won’t see what’s under the rectangle in the video stream or in the call log.

Settings: in the intercom’s web interface: Hardware -> Camera -> Privacy Masking Enabled

Are you happy?

You can now offer a great-looking and reliable intercom that can read QR codes in your projects.

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