20.04.2022 Software

The Simplest Way to Distribute QR Codes Is From 2N® Access Commander

Generating and sending QR codes has been possible in 2N® Access Commander software since version 2.2. Find out where to manage access using QR codes and how to do it.

The 2N® IP Style intercom now supports access based on QR code recognition. This is the ideal access technology, especially for visitors, who can be sent a code remotely and have it on their mobile phone right away. In addition to this, QR codes are more secure than PIN codes and completely contactless. 2N® Access Commander now supports the generation of QR codes directly in the application. 2N® Access Commander

How to set it up?

A QR code is assigned to a visitor in the Visitors section in the user details. You will find the add QR code button in the Credentials subsection. Generate the code with a single click and send it to the visitor by e-mail with another click of a button. You can also print it out or save it as an image.

Naturally, access with a QR code is recorded in the access logs. You can recognise it by the icon indicating different access methods.

Efficiently manage access using QR codes

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