20.05.2020 Special Offers

We Have Thought of the Architects and Planners Too

Did you know that we have prepared some files for you which are absolutely essential in modern building design?

Text specifications of our products, CAD drawings and BIM objects – you don’t need to think up, draw or create any of these. We have done all this for you. This means you can spend the time you save working on another project or go home early.

We have summarised all the important things for you on a new page for architects and planners. The page is especially made to direct you to the documents you are looking for. Specifications for projects are on the website. CAD drawings and BIM objects are in our Media Library. You can also find a new catalogue on the page. The catalogue describes real situations our products are actually used in.

Not sure whether any of these things will be of use to you?

  • Specifications for planners – opt for these when you need to specify individual products in project documentation. Crtl+C, Ctrl+V and save yourself a lot of time.
  • CAD drawings – dimensioned 2D drawings of our products. Available in two formats – dwg and pdf.
  • BIM objects – a building information model is a wonderful thing. It can help you plan, build and manage a building. You can now also include our products in the model.
  • Residential catalogue – if you are still only in the design stage, take a look through our new catalogue. You will find several comprehensive solutions for the residential market here.

Visit our new page and get everything you need for modern design

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