External IP relay - 4 Outputs, 0 Input

Order number: 01398-001

Do you need to switch a device that is far away from an intercom or reader? Don’t lay metres and metres of cable, use an IP relay. A 2N IP intercom or access unit will send an HTTP command to the external relay, which will then control the connected device. The command is sent in unsecured form, so we recommend using the external relay to control lights or call a lift.

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Technical Parameters
Power supply: PoE Class 1, or 5 V
Network: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port
Supported protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, XML, Modbus
Relay Contacts
Number of relays: 4
Maximum voltage: 28V AC
Maximum current: 3A
Relay modes: ON/OFF or Pulsed (0.1 s up to 1 day)
Mechanical Properties
Operating temperature: -40°F to 135°F
Dimensions: 1.4 (w) x 3.9(l) x 3.1 (h) inch (without connectors)
Weight: 0.31 lb
Material: polycarbonate plastic
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Datasheet (US) - External IP Relay - 4 Outputs, 0 Input
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