Fingerprint Reader

Order number: 01276-001

Biometric module for 2N® IP Verso door-opener. Characterised by providing maximum security, high reliability, and rapid fingerprint reading response. Learn how to connect the fingerprint module to your 2N® IP Verso in our video tutorial. Download datasheet.

  • The most secure method of user identification
  • Luxurious and robust module
  • False fingerprint detection

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The fingerprint reader uses optical fingerprint recognition technology. The device has acoustic and light signal indicators located just above the reader module. It can be used in office buildings or residential properties where the use of modern, luxury technology is important, and other access technologies, such as RFID or keypad, are uncommon.

Technical Parameters
Sensor: optical sensor protected by resistant glass
Reliability: algorithm for fake fingerprint detection
Resistance: resistant to water and dust
Status signalisation: acoustic and with the aid of multicoloured LEDs
Sensing area: large with dimensions of 0.6 x 0.8 inch
Operating temperature: -4°F to 131°F
Certification: FBI PIV
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Datasheet (US) - 2N® IP Verso Fingerprint Reader
Datasheets | PDF | 254kB