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Elevator Monitoring

In any building with an elevator you need to monitor the status of these facilities 24 hours a day. In so doing you get important information about the lift in operation, any technical faults, or persons ‘stuck in the lift’ and so improve the overall safety of the building.

  • Continuous monitoring of elevator 24/7
  • Greater security in the elevator cabin
  • Minimizing maintenance costs
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Elevator Monitoring
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The 2N solution for elevator monitoring allows you to continuously keep track of the functioning of your lifts. The aggregated data about the lifts you monitor are then sent at predefined intervals over the Internet or mobile networks (GSM/UMTS) to a service centre.

The technical support function or non-stop duty service thus has current status information constantly on hand. By means of the 2N software applications they can get not only an overview of all faults and alarm calls from the lift communicators, but thanks to the 2N® Lift8 Camera module even get high-quality footage from the lift cabin.

With such data the service company can provide immediate response to any situation that arises and e.g. help anyone getting stuck in a lift. Another benefit of the continuous monitoring service is the significantly shorter fix time in response to elevator outages and a lowering of maintenance costs. Last but not least, thanks to video monitoring the lifts are significantly better protected, deterring vandalism.