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See how easily you can resolve one of the biggest problems faced by all residents – missing delivery of parcels.

2N® Mobile VideoRemote delivery of parcels is already standard in some countries, and demand is only now starting to grow in others. And that is no surprise. If you set aside a parcel room in a residential building and leave the job of opening the door for the delivery driver to residents, you will save a lot of money on reception.

But a parcel room also pays off in buildings which already have a reception. It eases the workload of the receptionist, who can then attend to other duties.

Our solution is simple. Install a 2N intercom with a camera at the main entrance and at the entry to the parcel room. Residents need the My2N app on their mobile phones.

When the courier arrives, they press the button on the intercom and the resident accepts the call in the application on their mobile phone. They let the courier in, explain where the parcel room is, and once the courier gets there, let them into this room too. The intercom camera is useful since it allows the resident to observe the courier moving around the building the entire time. An ideal solution is to also install an IP camera inside the parcel room, such as a camera by Axis.

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You can get the solution up and running within a few minutes in the Automation section of the web interface of our intercoms. Take a look at the FAQs we have prepared for you.

Offer this popular service for all residential installations. Make money on an additional intercom and setting up services. And your customers will be happy!

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