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We can be part of your response to today’s unusual situation. Specific features of our products and solutions could help with prevention. Check how you can help your customers. We are ready today to create solutions for tomorrow.

Smartphone is the safe key

The main topic is currently reducing physical contact with potentially contaminated objects. Your customer can open a door or unlock the selected floor in a elevator safely with their mobile phones. All they need to do is change the setting of the Bluetooth reader to Tap In App Mode so they can authenticate remotely from 2N® Mobile Key app!

Where Touch Mode is preferred for its convenience, your customer can activate 2N Access Units with their elbow or through gloves. Then you can easily open the door or unlock a specific floor in the elevator cabin.

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Let your customers #stayathome

People now work from home more than ever. They order food or other goods with home delivery. When a delivery person arrives, the resident should be able to open the door remotely. And pick the package up after the delivery person leaves. This way, they'll prevent any physical contact with another person.

With 2N® Mobile Video, they can do so from the comfort of their couch. They receive a call from the intercom to their smartphone. They can see who is ringing, tell them where to leave the package and open the gate for them.

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Keep the intercom clean and disinfected

The intercom is a critical part of the infrastructure and it must be safe to touch. Even supermarkets disinfect shopping carts these days. Do the same with 2N® IP Force or 2N® IP Safety and clean them regularly with alcohol-based disinfectants.

You can also spray the intercom by high-pressure water to remove not only grime but also bacteria and other microorganisms. Our intercoms withstand up to 80°C hot water!

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Visitor calling works even with gloves

Your customers might be afraid to touch and use outdoor intercom with their bare hands. Hygiene and glove compliance are now regulations in many countries.

Of course, visitors may press intercom buttons with gloved hands.

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Door, open!

Imagine how many people touch doors within your office building every day. In public spaces, it is safer to touch objects only if it is necessary. Did you know that intercom can open doors automatically? Simply set up motion detection.

Using the automation feature in our intercoms is easy and intuitive. You can set the door to open every time it detects movement. You could even set this up to work only during working hours.

Discover other features you can set up using automation

Eliminate unnecessary travel to the site

Keeping distance and ensuring sufficient safety for your employees is now a priority. Remote management and monitoring of 2N devices ensures that your employees stay safe and do their jobs from home.

You can easily set up, manage and monitor our devices remotely using the My2N cloud platform and 2N® Remote Configuration service.

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