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Voice Communication from the Comfort of Home

Talk to a visitor waiting at the entrance to the building and open the door from the comfort of your flat. You can call reception just as easily to find out whether your mail has arrived, invite your neighbour for a coffee or call another indoor station in your flat. An IP intercom with a hands-free indoor station is the ideal solution.

  • Voice communication with visitors
  • High volume HD quality audio
  • Open the door at the touch of a button
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Voice Communication from the Comfort of Home
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Intuitive control for all age groups
Operating the elegant 2N® Indoor Talk answering unit is completely intuitive. You accept calls from the 2N IP intercom by tapping the green phone icon and open the door by using the lock icon. You can choose your ringtone, set the volume or activate the “Do not disturb” mode just as easily.

Innovative design and high-quality materials
The 2N® Indoor Talk is an affordable answering unit with an emphasis on design and the use of high-quality materials. The unit has an innovative speaker output, thanks to which you have the feeling the visitor waiting outside is standing right next to you during the call.

Easy upgrade to video communication
The My2N app allows residents to answer their doors from anywhere by receiving video calls from 2N IP intercoms on their phones.