16.08.2017 Compatibility

2N Elevator Communicators Just Became Even More Communicative

The world is switching from analog lines to IP technologies, particularly among fixed-line operators, who are upgrading their original analog lines. Always striving to provide the most reliable services, our 2N® Lift1, 2N® Lift8 and 2N® LiftIP elevator communicators comply with this trend.

Land line operators worldwide are replacing traditional analog lines with IP network switches. We tested the 2N® Lift1, 2N® Lift8 a 2N® LiftIP on these new connectors in a special Deutsche Telekom laboratory in Bonn. The results are sure to please you. It was confirmed that our 2N® Lift1 and 2N® Lift8 products are fully compatible with all new MSAN POTS analog lines. 2N® LiftIP and 2N® Lift8 are also fully compatible with VoIP lines of the LAN IP Voice/Data. Should you become trapped in an elevator, rest assured that your 2N system can call help, regardless of the type of line installed.

For more information about our individual product visit 2N® Lift1, 2N® Lift8 or 2N® LiftIP – communicators leading the way for this generation’s networks.