A Guide to Lift Modernization


 Camilla Ashdown, 01. 03. 2023 | 4 min read

What’s needed for lift modernization and, which IP solutions to use, and what to look out for.

lift modernization


Modern IP-based lift solutions are revolutionizing the way elevators are designed, installed, and operated. The integration of IP technology has brought numerous advantages to the table, making elevators smarter, safer, and more reliable. In this article, we’ll discuss how IP solutions can take your elevators to the next level and why you should consider upgrading them with modern IP-based solutions.

Firstly, we have to answer the most important question - how you get IP connectivity into the cabin.

Unlike the world of IP cameras or intercoms, where you can run a UTP cable all the way to the end device, this is not a typical solution for elevators. In the elevator world, the most common use is that IP technology needs to be powered via only two wires in the travelling cable, including the power supply – thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

All you need for this to work is a device such as the 2N® LiftGate. This smart IoT gateway is more than a GSM unit for lifts as it combines the functions of an LTE router, a backup power supply, a converter (2-wire to IP) and a switch all in one unit. In addition, this gateway also solves the problems of 2G and 3G network shutdowns, unavailable PSTN lines and distorted DTMF signals, as it supports SIP protocol and offers VoIP calling.

Once you have IP connectivity up in the elevator car, then the indisputable advantage of IP-based elevators is the integration of IP lift emergency phone, such as 2N® LiftIP 2.0 with access control and video management systems. It ensures that in the event of an elevator getting trapped and lift alarm button is pressed, the call from the 2N® LiftIP 2.0 emergency phone is linked to the video feed from the third-party IP camera in the cabin. The security operator thus has an instant overview of what is happening in the lift cabin and can respond quickly to incidents, thereby ensuring the safety of passengers and the building's occupants.

 IP technology also brings the ability to remotely monitor and control elevators.

Are your technicians / security operators interested in the status of the gateway’s registration with the VoIP provider, the quality of the mobile network connection, a connection failure to the cloud or a switch to backup power? Then the right product to focus on is the 2N® Elevator Center – a cloud-based portal designed for real-time 24/7 online monitoring of all the 2N IP emergency lift communication devices from anywhere in the world. This capability enables quick and efficient problem resolution, reducing downtime and improving the overall reliability of the elevators.

With the 2N® Elevator Center you can also keep all installed 2N IP devices for lift emergency communication under control. And not just one by one - ease your workload and start managing them in bulk. Upload a corporate/custom template, reboot the device, upgrade to a specific firmware version – all will be a matter of a few clicks for you. This also means that maintenance can be done quickly and efficiently and the building managers can keep their elevators up-to-date with the latest technology and features, ensuring that their elevators remain at the forefront of modern lift solutions.

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Lastly, IP-based solutions offer increased security and privacy protection.

With the use of IP technology, building managers can monitor and control the flow of data between elevators and other systems, ensuring that sensitive information, such as video feed from the camera or user’s credentials from access control system are protected. Additionally, IP solutions also offer advanced encryption methods, ensuring that data transmitted between elevators and other systems is secure and cannot be intercepted.

In conclusion

In conlusion, modern IP-based lift solutions are transforming the way elevators are designed, installed, and operated. The integration of IP technology has brought numerous advantages to the table, making elevators smarter, safer, and more reliable. With the benefits discussed above, it’s clear that upgrading your elevators with modern IP-based solutions is a wise investment: elevators can become far more than simply a means of moving people quickly and safely between floors. Through smart devices, they can become a part of the whole smart building solution and building’s real selling point. So, is your elevator smart enough? Consider upgrading to modern IP-based solutions today and take your elevator, and your project, to the next level.