22.03.2022 Company

2N® IP Style Wins Red Dot Award 2022

Red Dot is one of the most prestigious product design awards. This win is yet another argument for your customers to show the 2N® IP Style is the best intercom in the world.

A panel of around 50 experts from all over the world judges each product. And as they say on their website: “Criteria that play a role here include the level of innovation, functionality and longevity.” The 2N® IP Style leads in all these categories, showing that our higher-than-average investment in R&D is the right strategy. 2N® IP Style Red Dot

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You could say that the 2N® IP Style is continuing the tradition, following on the heels of the 2N® IP Verso and the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0, which also previously won the Red Dot Award”, recalls Tomáš Vystavěl, Chief Product Officer at 2N. “I’m proud of all those who have contributed to the development of the 2N® IP Style. This is above all a win for them”, adds Tomáš.

All the products that have ever won the Red Dot Award have one fundamental thing in common, which is their exceptional design. We won’t talk about the dangerously sharp lines, the elegant piano black and luxurious glass finish. Take a look at the magnificent design for yourself in the photo gallery.

Design photo gallery

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