24.01.2022 Software

2N® LiftGate Can Now Be Managed Via The Cloud

Do you want complete control of 2N® LiftGate whenever you need it and wherever you happen to be? Upload the new firmware 1.10 to the gateway and add it to the 2N® Elevator Center cloud portal. The new firmware makes its operation so much simpler.

Have you heard of 2N® LiftGate? It’s an IoT gateway from 2N that transforms an ordinary lift into a smart IP solution. With just 2 wires in the trailing cable, you can connect an IP communicator, reader, camera and advertising panel to the cabin. This unique gateway combines the functions of an LTE router, switch, converter and backup power source. Now we’re making it easier for you to use.2N® LiftGate

Centralised administration and monitoring

With the new firmware version 1.10, you can add all the 2N® LiftGate gateways you manage to the 2N® Elevator Center portal. Create your own account and centrally monitor and manage dozens or even hundreds of these gateways. You can see which mobile network the gateway is registered to, the signal strength and whether it’s running on primary or backup power at a glance.

Automatic configuration in an instant

Firmware 1.10 also offers an additional convenience in the form of automatic configuration of the 2N® LiftGate. The technician only needs to switch on the IoT gateway and connect it to the internet – they don’t need to worry about anything else. The gateway then logs itself into the 2N® Elevator Center, from where it downloads the correct configuration file in the form of a template. This template can now also be used for devices already added to the 2N® Elevator Center. You’ll appreciate this, for example, when you have dozens of gateways connected to a SIP server in which the IP address or the DTMF transmission method is changed. You won’t have to log into the web interface of each gateway and change the parameters manually. Just change the template and then apply it to all your gateways.

Create an account in the cloud

Would you like to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the new firmware? Start by creating an account in the 2N® Elevator Center portal.

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