28.01.2021 Events

New 2N On Air Will Unveil Patented Technology

Join our broadcast on 25 February. Discover new technology that’s safer and 2x faster than RFID.

We’re planning the next edition of the online event 2N On Air on 25 February. This time, it will be on the topic of access control systems. After all, 2N is not just about intercoms. We’ll reveal how to increase your sales without increasing installation costs. We’ll show you how to save up to 1/3 of the time it takes to install products. We’ll give you a tip on how to share configuration and system administration with the administrator in a complex. Devote the time you save to new projects that can really make you money.2N On Air

And the main focus? The main focus will be the introduction of technology that all the surveys conducted in the field of access control systems are hailing as the future.

Afford your clients an access control system that is secure and that they can rely on. Offer them authentication in just 0.62 seconds. Tomáš Vystavěl, Chief Product Officer, will reveal what’s behind all this in the main part of the programme on 2N On Air.

What else can you look forward to?

One of the speakers will be Tomáš Klíma, 2N Sales Manager. He’ll outline how you can double the number of projects you win in the field of office buildings.

Craig Szmania, a founding member of 2N USA, will share some tips in the field of sales. You’ll also learn how2N is doing compared to the competition. 

The star of all 2N On Air events is Lukáš Psota, our Product Marketing Manager. Lukáš will present the long-awaited access control unit in more detail. He’ll explain how this new product differs from our existing portfolio and what projects it will be suitable for.

Why should you offer software for bulk administration of devices on each project? Gareth Robinson will provide the answer to this question, perfectly prepared as always.

2N On Air ends with a series of practical examples. Petr Kosek, Head of Pre-Sales, will talk you through options for integration and share requirements for actual projects with you.

We’ll be ready to answer your questions during the course of the whole broadcast. Take advantage of this and ask anything about the new access control system.

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