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2N Project Designer Now Includes Sales Support

2N Project Designer is an online tool that helps you to design a complete access control and door communication solution. It saves system integrators and architects time when planning commercial and residential projects. The latest version has been enhanced to include the ability to easily contact the support team. All your projects will be perfectly prepared from now on.

Project designer2N Project Designer is used by thousands of customers every month, and that’s why we’re constantly working to update and improve it. The latest update offers you professional help from our specialists. Just fill in the contact form before exporting your project to an XLS or PDF file, so the 2N support team can get back to you. Together, you can then check whether you’ve ordered everything you need for the project.

You only fill in the form once. The fields will be pre-populated (if you have regular browser settings) for each subsequent project.

But sales support is just one reason for the change. It’s also another step towards creating a single 2N account for you in the future. This account will allow you to track your project history and visits, and we will only offer and show you the things you’re really interested in. With this, we’ve revealed our long-term goal: To make your experience with 2N more enjoyable and provide you with only relevant content.

This is one of the reasons why we would like say a big thank you for sharing your feedback about 2N Project Designer with us. This feedback is extremely important for us and plays a major role in how we modify and develop this tool.

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