24.05.2022 Solutions

2N Provides Safe Elevator Travel in Varso Tower, Europe’s Tallest Building

Elevator users in the iconic new building can rely on our emergency communication system to always be able to call for help. Find out how to succeed with 2N elevator systems, even in a skyscraper.

Varso TowerThe centre of Warsaw has recently been enriched by the architectural project Varso Place, which includes three buildings. Varso 1 (81 m), Varso 2 (90 m) and the Varso Tower, the new tallest building on the old continent, measuring at an impressive 310 m. The entire complex has 47 elevators and passengers can rely on the 2N elevator emergency communication solution in each of them.

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In particular, the state-of-the-art 2N® Lift8 modular system. As a result, the building designers did not need to consider any extra cabling. A classic 2-wire in a travelling cable is sufficient for communication from the lift car. Varso Tower's special features are double-deck elevators that serve two floors at the same time; 2N® Lift8 can detect whether an emergency call is coming from the upper or lower elevator.

So, remember. Next time you are in Warsaw, visit Varso Tower and be sure to take a ride in one of the 8 m/s glass elevators. And if you happen to get stuck, 2N elevator communication won't let you down.

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