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Become 2N Certified!

Evolve your business and become part of a global network of officially certified 2N Installers by joining the 2N Certified Installer Program

Are you looking to install 2N products and want to stand out from the competition? Become a 2N Certified Installer, be trained by us, and enjoy a host of fantastic sales, marketing, and technical benefits in the process!2N Certified Installer Program

What is the 2N Certified Installer Program (CIP)?

Put simply, you will become an official, expert-level installer of 2N products and door access control systems. Companies and installers who undertake the Program and meet all its requirements will be labelled as ‘2N CIP Partners’ - and will be officially endorsed by us.

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What are the benefits of becoming a 2N CIP Partner?

The endorsement of an industry leader like 2N will make you stand out from the pack – when someone is looking to implement our door access control systems into their projects, they are far more likely to choose someone who is officially certified over someone who is not.

You’ll also enjoy a lot of other benefits, including:

  • Sharing 2N sales leads
  • Direct and prioritized technical support
  • Get discounts on demo kits
  • …and much more!

The future of the access industry is IP. Use this opportunity to advance your business by becoming part of a global network of highly skilled access professionals endorsed and supported by a company that invented the first IP intercom and continues to develop products that set industry standards.

2N Certified Installer Program2N Certified Installer Program

Want to become a 2N CIP Partner?

Find out more information, and see a detailed list of requirements and benefits by clicking the link below

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