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Choose From New Accessories for Access Solutions

New electric locks, door strikes, bushings, magnetic locks and even an automatic door opener. You can find all this and more in our portfolio and those of our distributors.

Don't waste time ordering from different places and then checking the compatibility of each item. Buy a complete access solution with all the components you need for installation from one supplier. So, what’s new? 2N Electric door strikes

Electric door strikes

Traditional electric strikes designed to be installed in door frames. We offer several types of door strikes - traditional, with mechanical blocking, a hold-open function, with monitoring and reverse versions. 

Electromechanical self-locking locks

We typically install these self-locking locks, which come with a panic function, in wooden or metal doors. When the door is closed, the lock is always engaged. To open from the outside, the user needs a key or an electrical pulse from an IP intercom or reader connected to the door. From the inside, simply pressing the handle unlocks the door.

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Cable protector

Cable bushing ensures any power cable is protected and can easily pass from the frame to the door wing. It is most commonly used with electromechanical self-locking locks. You can choose from two types - external or mortised.

Electromagnetic lock and strip

When the power supply is on, the magnets hold together firmly, and the door cannot be opened. On receipt of a pulse from an IP intercom or reader, the power supply is interrupted, the magnets disengage, and the door can be opened.

Automatic door opener

A safe, automatic door strike that opens the door without the user having to touch it. Simply identify and authenticate yourself over the intercom or smart reader and the door will open by itself.

Explore the new portfolio of accessories

Locks and door strikes can be found in the accessories section of each IP intercom and smart reader.

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