08.07.2021 Solutions

Everything You Need to Know About 4 WaveKey Access Modes

You’re bound to have heard about our new Bluetooth technology. Now take a look at the details of individual modes and be inspired how to use them.

Intercom, mobile, handTouch mode

Combine user comfort and security. The user simply has to touch the Bluetooth reader lightly leaving their phone in their pocket or handbag. This unique mode offered by WaveKey technology is ideal for moving around offices, between floors, for access to a meeting room or separate workspaces.

Tap in app mode

Users get in by pressing a virtual button in the application. This in itself increases the level of security, because users usually secure their phone with a password, gesture or even a fingerprint.

This mode also includes two-factor authentication. In order to open the door the user must enter a special user PIN code after tapping the virtual button in the application.

We recommend this access mode at the entrance to buildings, for example. It’s also great for opening gates and barriers from a car park, while sitting in your car. The driver doesn’t even have to open their window.

Motion mode

WaveKey also offers a fully contactless mode. The camera launches the authentication process on detecting movement. If the person moving towards the camera has an authorised phone, they are allowed in.

It’s up to you when you want the camera to respond. There are basically 2 scenarios.

  • The camera responds to a hand waved in front of the lens, i.e., a distinct change to the image right in front of the camera.
  • The camera captures a person approaching the device, so a smaller change in the scene captured by the camera is enough. In this case, watch out for cars moving in the background or a cat running past. Both these things can needlessly launch the authentication process. In other words, you’ll have to test the settings to achieve correct functionality.

Of course, motion mode can only be used in intercoms with a camera and a Bluetooth reader (2N® IP Style2N® IP Verso and 2N® LTE Verso).

Card mode

Are you a fan of NFC? Unfortunately, Apple isn’t, so NFC is a technology you can only offer Android users. Luckily, we offer a fully-fledged alternative. Card mode works exactly like NFC. The phone = an access card.

The user swipes their phone against the Bluetooth reader, the same as an RFID card is swiped against an RFID reader. The door opens and the user doesn’t even have to unlock their phone.

Forget RFID once and for all

Offer your customers a more convenient, more secure and more flexible access control system. Our specialists will show you how to offer WaveKey.

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