02.01.2024 Events

Flexible security systems + scalable IP door entry: 2N and Genetec™ at Swiss Bau

Join us there to see our powerful integration in action on the best IP intercoms and access control readers on the market

Experience 2N IP Products Integrated with Genetec™ Security Centre 

ip door entryGenetec™ offer secure, flexible, and modern security solutions: and 2N’s future-proof, scalable devices are the perfect match. 

See our leading IP intercoms, access control readers, and more in action integrated with Genetec™ Security Center, and chat with our team at Swiss Bau about what this exciting integration can offer your next project.

We’ll be showing you 2N device integration with three Genetec™ Security Center modules:


Integration via SIP protocol allows operators to handle calls from 2N IP intercoms and SIP audio products right from their computers. They can transfer calls, view visitors at the door through telephone software, and grant access to the building.


Compatibility between 2N IP intercoms and the OmnicastTM module is achieved through the ONVIF protocol and RTSP streaming. This enables operators to identify visitors promptly, initiate video recording, zoom in, or switch between cameras to monitor selected individuals.


Integrating 2N access control readers and IP intercoms into Synergis™ provides operators with one interface for video and access control monitoring. Real-time access logs from 2N Access Unit readers display user details, photos, and event timestamps. 

In emergencies, operators can remotely control 2N devices, lock down specific doors or areas, and utilize RFID, Fingerprint, and Bluetooth credentials within the SynergisTM module.

Benefits of the integration:

  • A unified interface seamlessly integrates access control, video surveillance, communications, and analytics 
  • Unity in this sense makes building security more efficient and thus more effective 
  • Security is also enhanced via events from 2N devices that can trigger immediate notifications to operators in the Genetec™ Security Center, creating real-time visual verification of visitors, plus the option of live announcements
  • Flexibility: the system supports a variety of access credentials such as PIN codes, QR codes, RFID cards, mobile, and fingerprints to cater to diverse use cases

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Which of our Products Can You Try Out?

Innovative IP intercoms and Access Control Readers

2N® IP Style

Our premium IP video intercom won a Red-Dot award for its design and it also offers the best in modern access:

  • 5MPX camera with wide angle lens, WDR support for crystal clear colour images, and new Adaptive Face Zooming features for perfect visitor identification
  • 10’’ display with the possibility to show important notifications, business directories, bidirectional video calls, and custom images and videos
  • Support of 4 different access technologies

2N® IP Verso 2.0

The second generation of our best-selling intercom has a Full HD camera and QR code reading. It’s the pinnacle of adaptable IP access thanks to its modular design and flexible installation options: a Unicorn of Intercoms , if you will!

2N® IP Force

If you have a project that needs high security, look no further: this is the world’s most durable IP intercom. Impact-resistant design also makes it a great option for garages and parking lots!

2N® Access Unit 2.0

Three access technologies, one sleek access control reader: Keypad, Bluetooth, and RFID. Ultimate flexibility!

2N Access Unit M

We recently improved this slimline smart reader to make installation even easier – find out how at the show and use it to flexibly secure areas with tricky installation spots such as door frames.

For Answering Intercom Calls 

2N® Indoor View

A sleek 7’’ indoor station now has new features including pinch to zoom, support of the stream of up to 16 IP cameras (great for security), plus HTTP commands for endless integration.

2N® IP Phone D7A 

A modern IP phone that enables receptionists to respond to IP intercom calls, preview visitors via the 7'' touchscreen display, and open the door with a touch of a button. 

Benefits of 2N products:

  • Premium materials, quality EU construction, and timeless design
  • Modern: the future is a keyless one! We offer reliable, secure and fast mobile access control powered by WaveKey
  • Scalable: we update the 2N OS at the heart of all our devices regularly to add new features and we prioritize easy, open integration
  • Configure and manage our devices and access rights remotely using the My2N Management Platform , our highly secure and intuitive cloud service

Need Something Extra?

Ask the 2N Team about what online tools and apps we offer for a more seamless project experience:

  • 2N® AppeAR: mobile app that offers a true product visualization experience, utilizing augmented reality for virtual installations. It provides detailed product dimensions and features a virtual catalog.
  • Our extensive support for architects, planners, and consultants: the 2N® Project Designer, A&E and CAD drawings, BIM objects, and a range of resources designed to simplify your professional life.

Take Your IP Door Entry to Another Level!

Join us and discover what 2N and Genetec™ can do for you

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