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Want the Easiest Access Control Reader Installation on the Market?

2N Access Unit M has been redesigned according to your needs! Find out how we’ve made the installation of our access control reader even better.

2N Access Unit MThe 2N Access Unit M is a powerful access control reader that features an in-built controller, supports multiple access technologies, and needs only a single UTP cable for connection and power.  The unit was designed with easy installation in mind – and now, it’s even easier.

Enjoy the hassle-free installation you deserve!

The slim design already offers easy installation in tricky spots such as doorframes – but after listening to your feedback, we added something extra: a longer Ethernet cable.

Your installation process couldn’t be easier now thanks to the nearly 3-meter-long Ethernet pigtail. Simply pull it through the door frame, into the ceiling, and connect the access control reader to the IP infrastructure.

For wall mounting, use the new installation boxes:

Mounting accessory that provides a cavity for hiding and terminating the cables in the wall. Typically, the electrician will use this box when installing the 2N Access Unit M reader on a brick wall as they can easily cut a hole for the box. 

The 2N Access Unit M reader is always surface mounted.

Spacer that provides a cavity for terminating the cables in installations such as garages where you can’t drill a hole in the wall.  These walls are typically made of concrete or reinforced concrete.

What else makes the 2N Access Unit M great?

Sleek Profile: The access control reader boasts a slimline design, making it an excellent fit for installations in constrained spaces, like door frames in meeting rooms' entrances.

Versatile Access Options: Provide your clients with a range of choices! This robust access control reader offers support for multiple access technologies within a single unit. These options include RFID, RFID paired with mobile access control via Bluetooth, or RFID combined with a keypad for projects that require two-factor authentication.

2-in-1 Controller and Reader: All the necessary technology is seamlessly integrated into this compact device. This not only streamlines cabling but also eliminates the hassle of searching for the perfect installation spot for the controller. It also functions without requiring communication with a server.

Durability Across Environments: Don't let its size fool you – the 2N Access Unit M is built to withstand challenges. Boasting an IP55 protection rating, it can be confidently installed outdoors, and, thanks to the tempered glass front panel, it will retain its pristine appearance even after years of continuous use. Plus, all of this comes at an affordable price point!

Secured RFID Card Reading: Bid farewell to the concerns of access card replication. Employ MIFARE® DESFire® cards encrypted through 2N® PICard technology, ensuring optimal safety for both assets and individuals.

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Comparing User Credentials

The 2N Access Unit M comes in multiple options for flexible access: but which access technology is best for which purpose?

PIN Codes

Access control readers using PIN codes means users need to input a unique code for entry into a building or designated area. This method is ideal for granting temporary access to visitors, as a supplementary backup credential, or as a part of multi-factor authentication.

RFID Cards

The 2N Access Unit is available in variants supporting both 125kHz and 13.56MHz frequencies, which you can use if your company wants to switch to a more secure card variant. However, even regular 13.56MHz can be copied, so we recommend choosing secure MIFARE® DESFire® cards with encrypted data - the 2N® PICard is a great option that the 2N Access Unit M supports!

Mobile Access Control

Embracing the future, most contemporary setups should adopt mobile access control. This method enables users to utilize their mobile phones as access credentials and boasts numerous advantages. Convenience tops the list in our minds: people are more inclined to forget their RFID cards at home than their phones!

Variable administrative privileges across multi-company siteshe 2N Access Unit M uses patented Bluetooth technology WaveKey which makes access fast, reliable, and secure.

How to set up your 2N access control readers

The 2N® Access Commander: the Ultimate Centralized Platform for Access Management

Commercial projects need 2N® Access Commander! It boasts a user-friendly interface and will expedite system setup, in addition to enabling the delegation of everyday access responsibilities to end-users.

The 2N® Access Commander offers a range of features such as:

  • Centralized management of devices
  • Logging and notifications for breach events
  • Monitoring attendance (particularly beneficial for workforce management in commercial projects)
  • Configurable area restrictions
  • Visitor credential administration
  • Variable administrative privileges across multi-company sites

Give me an access control reader I can install easily!

Our team are ready and waiting to take you through what makes the 2N Access Unit M great – including how it can work as part of an entire commercial 2N solution.

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