06.10.2020 Compatibility

Revolutionary 2N® Access Commander Plugin for Milestone

Security workers can finally rest! From now, they can monitor all the doors near intercoms throughout an entire building or complex and remotely control them directly on the building map in the XProtect system. They can then react immediately to current situations.

How does it work? The operator places an intercom camera icon on the building map in the XProtect system and simply assigns a door icon to it. They then set the respective signalling for this icon to inform them about what is happening at the moment, such as whether the door has been opened remotely and whether it is connected properly to sensors.

However, if the icon turns red, this warns the operator of an emergency, for example an attempted break-in. Any changes in the door status are then automatically indicated on the map so that the operator can immediately react by activating an alarm, notifying or doing some other action.

But that’s not all! Thanks to the new plugin, operators can easily set up automated activation of alarms or other actions for pre-defined situations, for example, doors staying open too long (Door open too long) or being forcibly opened (Door forced open). The door status is then signalled.

More advanced emergency functions are also available, such as locking doors for specific times and not allowing anyone access (Lockdown – the door is locked and stays locked). Simply put, where security is concerned, there is no room for compromise.

Download the new 2N® Access Commander Plugin for XProtect 1.3 and ensure greater security for your customers!

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