26.11.2020 Solutions

Opening Doors to New Symbol of Luxury in Brussels – with Touch!

Would you like to know what the new definition of luxury and perfect harmony of technology and nature is? All you need is two words: Greenhill Park. This new residential project on the edge of Woluwe Park in Brussels incorporates 31 beautiful apartments. What on earth would a conventional intercom with a phone look like on premises such as these?

intercom for apartments buildingLuckily, our integration partner didn’t have to resolve this issue. They opted straight away for the very best technological and design solution. They installed an elegant 2N® IP Verso with a touchscreen and built-in an NFC/RFID reader at the entrance to every apartment. 

They then installed a 2N® Indoor Compact answering unit inside every apartment. This is unobtrusive in silent mode. However, once the colour display lights up, you realise that the unit is an essential part of the smart home. Video calls with visitors, a list of missed calls or switching between cameras in the building – customers expect all of this from a modern answering unit. But that surely comes as no surprise to you. We are, after all, talking about Greenhill Park. 

Read how our stylish access control systems added to the exclusivity of the Greenhill Park project in Brussels.

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