Secured RFID Card Reader 13.56 MHz NFC

Order number: 9155086

Compatible with firmware 2.13 and higher. The access control reader module provides you with access control via contactless cards or keyfobs. The module supports the following 13.56 MHz cards or other carriers (optionally card serial number or PAC ID is read). Download datasheet.

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Technical Parameters
RFID Card Reader
Supported frequencies 13.56 MHz
Supported card types ISO14443A (MIFARE® DESFire®), PicoPass (HID iClass), FeliCa, ST SR(IX), NFC (2N® Mobile Key), HID SE (Seos, iClass, MIFARE SE)
reads secured MIFARE® DESFire® EV2/EV3 cards using 2N® PICard technology
reads PACs ID (HID iClass cards with SIO object) 
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Datasheet (EN) - 2N® IP Verso RFID Card Reader 13.56 MHz NFC
Datasheets | PDF | 231kB