19.09.2023 Software

Play Videos on the 2N IP Style Video Intercom

The new 2N OS 2.41 supports the option to play videos whilst the device is in standby mode - impressing visitors and adding something special to entrances. But what exactly can the video intercom play?

The 2N® IP Style is a powerful video intercom with a 10’’ touchscreen display: but that’s not just so it looks good, it’s also a feature that can add some unexpected benefits!

video intercom

The touchscreen has already been used successfully in many projects to display business directories (great for multi-tenant commercial projects), a notice board for messages to residents, and even custom images in a slideshow. The 2N OS 2.41 update takes that potential to the next level! How? 

You can now play videos on the 10’’ display of the 2N® IP Style

Unleash the full potential of the 10’’ display and use a premium video intercom for more than just opening doors. In what scenarios would you play video on the intercom?

  • Company introduction videos to impress/inform visitors
  • Animated sequence of the building’s company logos
  • Important video messages for residents
  • Instructions for visitors
  • Seasonal animations to add a touch of festivity! Think falling snowflakes at Christmas, an animated pumpkin at Halloween, and so on.
  • Potential to generate extra revenue via video adverts

What do you need to make it happen?

First, you need to update the device to the 2N OS 2.41! You’ll then see the option to upload videos to the 2N® IP Style video intercom as part of the web GUI in the “Hardware/Display/Slideshow” section. Videos must have a resolution of 400x640px​, a maximum size of 7 MB​, be in MP4 format, and have a maximum frame rate of 24 frames p/second. The video also needs to be encoded in a baseline profile.

What about the usability of the video intercom when the videos are playing? Well, the video is played only in ‘standby mode’ (or ‘showcase’ as we call it) of the 2N® IP Style. With the mere touch of a finger (or even by motion detection), the video is stopped, and the visitor can go on to browse the phonebook or make a call. You can have one or more videos in the loop and can even combine videos with pictures.

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What else does the 2N OS 2.41 offer?

Do you have a hotel project in the pipeline that needs indoor stations in the rooms? We’ve introduced a new mode for the display of the 2N® Indoor View: the indoor station now features ‘Hotel mode’ – which means you can streamline the look of the unit by hiding the settings and call logs that are usually displayed on the screen.

Finally, one more thing to improve your mobile access control experience: we added WaveKey activation as a new event in our Automation section. This means that you can configure advanced scenarios that are triggered by a user using their WaveKey credential. For example, the door being opened via Wavekey once triggered by an associated vehicle induction loop, REX button etc. Find out more about Automation, how it works, and how it makes your configuration more efficient!

Interested in knowing more about what the 2N OS can do? Get a complete overview of all the best features – including the new DoorViewer function for the 2N® Indoor View, and Bi-Directional video and customizable GUI for the 2N® IP Style.

Want another feature on the 2N® IP Style video intercom?

The 2N OS is regularly updated with loads of new features – and we always make sure your feedback is part of the process. Chat with our team about features you’d like to see in the next update.

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