07.07.2021 Special Offers

Summer Discount on Bundles That Will Increase the Installation Security

Yes, we’ve succumbed to the madness of summer discounts too. We’re reducing the price of our security bundles by 30%. Install them in your very next project.

Intercom and modulesThe security of each and every installation is our top priority, which is why we’ve prepared this special offer. Make sure you add a security bundle to every 2N® IP Verso, 2N® LTE Verso and 2N® IP Force intercom.

What does the bundle contain?

Security relay

Did you know that potential criminals can open a lock with just a 12V battery? A vandal simply needs to access the wires that lead from the intercom to the lock. Prevent this from happening by installing a security relay between the intercom and the lock.

The 30% discount also applies to separate security relays.

Tamper switch

Were you aware that all you need to open an intercom is the right screwdriver? And that could be a problem if you don’t have a tamper switch, which recognises the frame is being dismantled and switches on the alarm.

I/O module

You can use this in more advanced scenarios, which many of our customers actually use in every installation. For instance, if a vandal dismantles the frame, the tamper switch will recognise this and the I/O module will allow the intercom to contact the security agency. In these scenarios, you need an Enhanced Integration Licence (9137908).

Make sure you have the highest possible security

Join our many customers who are installing these bundles with every intercom. From July to the end of September at a discounted price.

Security bundle for the 2N® IP/LTE Verso. Order number: 9155198SET


Security bundle for the 2N® IP Force. Order number: 9151198SET