05.05.2021 Software

The Days of PowerPoint Are Numbered. Give Presentations to Customers in Virtual Reality

Have you tried our 3D application, the 2N Virtual Experience yet? Check it out now. We’ve even added some new products.

Big screen, personThe application takes you on a virtual tour of buildings installed with 2N door communication and access control solutions. This will give you a better idea of what our products look like in a real setting, how big they are and what components they are made up of. You can break down the products into their individual components, fully rotate them around their axes and examine each and every detail. Almost as if you were holding them in your own hands.

The 3D tour takes you through a family home, a residential and office building. We’ve made a few changes in the office building which you will appreciate when you want to present our products to your customers in the application. For example, we’ve added a new product, the 2N Access Unit M, installed in the door frame outside a meeting/conference room. If you click on this device, you’ll see that we supply this under one order number, meaning that you don’t need to order any additional installation accessories. You can use the 2N Access Unit M Touch Keypad & RFID installed outside the  sever room to show your customers the advantages of combined access, when dual authentication is required in the project. From the product details, you can also easily access important documents, such as the installation manual or product datasheet.

You can use the 2N Access Unit 2.0 Bluetooth & RFID installed in a turnstile by the entrance to show how quickly employees can pass through using our WaveKey mobile access solution. The 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 with the 2N® Meeting Room application can be used to show how to obtain information about meeting/conference room occupancy.

As you can see, the 2N Virtual Experience application really does have a lot to offer. Discover new places to install 2N products for yourself. And amaze your customers with a virtual presentation at a time when you can’t visit them as often as before.

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