03.02.2021 Software

The New FW 2.31 Is Out – Focusing on Safety

Do you update your firmware regularly? If not, then the new version offers so many improvements that you will start updating immediately.

Firmware 2.31Reliable security against hackers

Apart from IP intercoms, access units, answering units and SIP Audio products already support the 802.1x protocol. What does this mean? Thanks to this protocol, only those devices which are authorised to do so can communicate on the LAN. Simply, even if somebody manages to smash open the intercom at the entrance to the building (which we doubt), they would have no chance of connecting to your company’s LAN.

Better overview of what is happening around the house

Your customers no longer need to call from the intercom’s answering unit to see what is happening around their house via an external camera. All they need to do is click twice on the answering unit’s display and they can immediately find out what their four-legged friend is up to in the garden. The intercom is still available for any visitors who may arrive.

And there is more!

The new FW 2.31 includes the following improvements:

  • We have modified the order of contacts and components on the display in the 2N® IP Verso intercom. These are now arranged by priority.
  • Sometimes you were not able to find where to set the acoustic signals for the switches. We moved this function to the User sounds section, where, we admit, it makes more sense.
  • We set Prague as the weather forecast’s initial location for the 2N® Indoor View answering unit. This means that Prague residents can just glance at the display to see whether they need to take an umbrella with them when they leave home. Other users can change the location with just a few clicks.

Consider the safety of your customers and update your products to the new FW 2.31

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