21.04.2021 Solutions

Transform the Offices in Your Project With a Smart Access Control System

Tips for choosing the right system can be found in our e-book called “The Evolution in Access Control Systems: A Guide to Smart Office Projects”.

e-bookThe past year of the pandemic has significantly accelerated the digital transformation of companies and their demand for smart solutions and systems. Fears about cyberattacks in the corporate environment, however, have also increased. This has been confirmed in a PwC survey in which the CEOs of global companies identified cybercrime as the greatest threat facing business. Equipping office buildings with smart access control systems is therefore more topical than ever. But how do you navigate the field of security systems and technologies? How do you choose the right solution for the office building in your project?

We answer all these questions in our e-book, where we summarize our most important findings gained over 30 years of operation on the market. It describes the advantages of individual systems and will help you understand the latest available technologies. Most importantly, you will get advice on how to choose a system which will grow with you and your business over the next ten years. Because ten years ago, even we at 2N were not in the same place we are today.

The information in the e-book is based mainly on the experience and requirements of our customers, who need to respond quickly to the latest trends in access control technologies and smart office concepts. Integrators themselves claim that almost half of office workers today are already asking to use their smartphones to gain access to the office. Likewise, the use of IP access controllers should increase by over 50% by 2024. Global research also shows that companies around the world plan to increase spending on cybersecurity by 40% year-on-year.

A new era of security for office buildings is coming. Are you ready for it?

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