24.02.2022 Software

Video Surveillance Included Directly in the 2N® Indoor View

The 2N® Indoor View, with the latest 2N OS 2.34, offers three exclusive improvements. And gives you a strong selling point to show why your customers should choose this particular answering unit.

The 2N® Indoor View is a surveillance device

2N® Indoor ViewThe resident can see what is going on in the hallway, behind the house or in the garage whenever they want. That’s because you can add up to 4 IP cameras to the device preview and they don’t even need to be connected to the intercom. They just need to be in the same local network as the answering unit. Don’t forget to mention this key feature whenever you offer the 2N® Indoor View to your customers.

Support: HD, H.264, JPEG
Settings: in the 2N® Indoor View web interface: Hardware -> Camera


A perfect overview of calls

2N® Indoor ViewThe 2N® Indoor View automatically captures 1, 3 or 5 snapshots from each call and adds them to the call log. This means the resident no longer has to rack their brains tying to remember who rang 2 weeks ago when scrolling through the call log. And perhaps more importantly, the unit will also capture images from missed calls.

But why have more than one snapshot from a call stored in the unit? That’s because the person at the door may have been turned sideways or had their hand in front of the camera at that precise moment. In addition to automatically captured snapshots, the user can also capture extra images by simply pressing the new camera button in the bottom left corner.

Settings: in the 2N® Indoor View web interface: Services -> Phone -> Calls -> Save image during call


Set three different functions via HTTP

2N® Indoor ViewWe introduced sending HTTP commands from 2N® Indoor View answering units in the last version of the 2N OS. The resident no longer has to choose whether to turn on the lights, open the blinds or call the lift from the panel. All these or any other three functions can now be controlled directly from the answering unit. And users of 2N® Indoor Compact units can now also look forward to sending HTTP commands.

Settings: in the 2N® Indoor View/2N® Indoor Compact web interface: Services -> HTTP command


Wide-angle video from intercoms by other manufacturers

2N® Indoor ViewDid you choose an intercom not made by us for your project? Then you’ll certainly appreciate the fact that video calls to our answering units now support 720p resolution even when receiving calls from third-party devices. This applies to AXIS intercoms, video phones (e.g., Grandstream or Yealink) or intercoms made by other manufacturers. In practice, this means that the video from the intercom fills the entire width of the screen, which looks great, especially on the 2N® Indoor View panel.

Settings: in the third-party intercom

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We expect you to be inundated with orders for the 2N® Indoor View as soon as customers learn about the new functions.

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