Electromechanical lock SAM 9235 with monitoring

Order number: 11202202-M

Series 92/35 self-locking locks, with panic mode, are typically installed in metal doors with high security. When the doors are closed, the lock is always engaged. To open the door from the outside, you need a key or electric impulse from a connected 2N IP intercom or reader, which ensures the door handle is fully functional. If such an impulse is not sent to the lock, the door handle is movable, but the door cannot be opened. Panic mode works on the inner side of the door, which means the lock is unlocked, and the door opens by merely pushing the door handle. It also has a microswitch that monitors door status (open or closed). Door status can be sent to the monitoring system via output terminals. This is a typical solution for emergency exits.

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Technical parameters
Lock dimensions:
180 x 50 x 15 mm
Dormas door handle – front side of lock:
35 mm
Door handle – lock span:
92 mm
Square prism:
8 x 8 mm split square prism
Standard front side of lock:
270 x 22 x 3 mm, R11, stainless
Lock design:
left / right
Panic function:
ČSN EN 1627:2012 CLASS RC3
ČSN EN 179:2008 CLASS 376B1322AB/D
ČSN EN 1125:2008 CLASS 376B1321AB
ČSN EN 14846:2008 CLASS 3S8A-L613
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Datasheet (EN) - Electromechanical lock SAM 7255 and SAM 9235
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