How Apartment Intercom Systems Increase Property Value


 Camilla Ashdown, 24. 02. 2023 | 4 min read

No one wants an ugly entrance: and choosing the apartment intercom system for your project might even mean your project increases in value.

apartment intercom systems


The entrance of a building is the first thing that people see, and it can have a significant impact on the overall value of the property. A well-designed entrance can increase the value of the building, and for architects and designers – increase the value of the overall project and business. This is, of course, news to no one - but how can the apartment intercom system, something commonly undervalued when it comes to aesthetics, enhance the look of an entrance? And which devices can you use to make a statement in your next project?

Curb appeal

A building with a well-designed entrance has an attractive exterior that adds to its curb appeal: but if you slap an ugly IP intercom onto a front door that you spent time designing – don’t you think it ruins the look somewhat? A building that looks well-maintained, clean, and stylish can increase the perceived value of the property, and a sleek, well-designed IP intercom completes this impression.

The sleekest of all might be the video intercom 2N® IP Style: featuring a 10’’ touchscreen and a smooth black finish, it fits any premium project perfectly and supports a range of advanced access features residents and users will love. Want something versatile? Then your choice should be an IP intercom such as the 2N® IP Verso – the world’s most modular IP intercom. It comes in two finishes (nickel and black) and combines smart access technology with a minimalist appearance that doesn’t look bulky or old-fashioned.

Perhaps you want something more entry-level, a classic for small-scale projects – in this case go for the 2N® IP Base. It’s an easy-to-install, compact IP intercom that looks great but also provides the needed functions for access without ruining the finish of the entrance.

Functionality and accessibility

A well-designed entrance should be functional and provide easy, seamless access to the building: and the apartment intercom system should be the same. IP technology allows for both functional access control as well as accessibility: both factors that will add to the value of the project, and if neglected, cause problems. You’re aware that projects need to include ramps and other additions to make the entrance accessible - but how can the IP intercom also help the disabled?

We already mentioned the 2N® IP Style as being a super-sleek IP intercom that really turns heads: but it’s more than a pretty face. It supports multiple access technologies (including mobile access powered by WaveKey technology), has a full HD camera, and supports other advanced features such as bi-directional video. Bi-directional video enhances the accessibility of the apartment intercom system, as it’s great for the hearing impaired: it allows them to communicate with the receptionists/front desk using sign language when needed. The 2N® IP Verso is also supportive of the hearing impaired as it can be fitted with an induction loop and pictograms for better communication.


A secure entrance increases the perceived value of a building, especially in the case of premium projects. The entrance should be designed to make people feel safe and secure when entering the building. This can be achieved via the use of secure locks, durable and cyber secure IP intercom, and video surveillance cameras. A secure entrance can increase the perceived value of a property by reducing the risk of theft and other security-related issues.

All 2N IP Intercoms have been rigorously tested to make sure they are highly secure devices – both physically and in terms of cybersecurity. The most durable and secure of all is the 2N® IP Force – it can withstand the most demanding of conditions and provides for things like easy visitor communication monitoring, something much needed for secure projects. Despite being so highly secure, the 2N® IP Force is also very aesthetically pleasing – meaning you don’t have to compromise on appearance to offer your customers peace of mind.

2N also build our devices based on open protocols: meaning that they can be easily integrated with IP camera systems that will allow for comprehensive entrance video monitoring. Our IP intercom cameras are generally all HD, too, and the audio is crystal clear: meaning the resident or receptionist will never be confused as to who is trying to enter the building. Enhanced security features aren’t only limited to the front door: an indoor station such as the 2N® Indoor View can stream the feed of up to 16 IP cameras – meaning the residents can have total video surveillance of their home.


In the cases of commercial developments, the building’s entrance should be designed to reflect the brand identity of the company that owns it. A well-designed entrance can increase the perceived value of the property by reinforcing the brand and creating a strong, memorable image. A modern company should not, for example, have an old intercom system that looks dated.

But it can go further than how the physical intercom looks: a highly intelligent device such as the 2N® IP Style can even show custom images on the display – giving your customers the chance to put their branding, even adverts, directly on a screen on their front door. Neat right?

To sum it up

In conclusion, the design and appearance of a building entrance can have a significant impact on the perceived value of the property, and a well-designed entrance should be complemented with an equally aesthetic intercom system. If you include the right intercom for the right project, it can increase the value of the building by making it more attractive, secure, functional and aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, a poorly designed entrance with an out-of-date or ineffective/faulty intercom system will detract from the value of the building, leave a negative impression on potential buyers or renters, and have a negative impact on your business.

Make sure you’re choosing the right IP intercom for your front entrance! If you’re still unsure, chat to one of our team – we’re always happy to help.