15.12.2022 Software

2N® Access Commander 2.5 – Distribute the Time to Connected Intercoms and Readers

No more individual time setup on devices! 2N® Access Commander 2.5 offers NTP server functionality - especially useful in installations that have no access to the internet.

ip access control systemsGreat news! Now, once you’ve set up the date and time in 2N® Access Commander (either via a proper time zone and NTP server or manually) the software will distribute this time to every single connected device, instantly synchronising them and removing the need to manage each device individually! What’s more, these devices don’t need to have access to the internet - they only need to be connected to 2N® Access Commander in the local network. Particularly useful for administrators solving an incident and searching for specific access logs that occurred at a specific time.

A quick reminder of other useful features

In a previous 2N® Access Commander update, settings for basic system functions (time, date, network parameters, enabling/disabling SSH) were uploaded directly into the web interface of the 2N® Access Commander, making the installation of the 2N® Access Commander Box in particular considerably more convenient. We also added software backup and recovery which significantly speeded up the entire backup process.

Test it yourself online!

Want to test these and other great features of 2N® Access Commander software for yourself? Visit our online DEMO, where you can create your own users, access rules and really get a "feel" for everything.