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Ordering My2N Subscriptions via Axis Distributors

The premium service of calling from a 2N intercom to a cell phone is now part of the Axis distribution chain in the AMER and APAC region. This brings easier quotation, management, and invoicing. Also, as with any other item in the distribution channel, it brings sales margins. Read on to discover more.

My2NThe demand for cloud calling from an intercom to a cell phone is on the rise: clearly demonstrated by the number of subscriptions to this service provided by 2N. As the service has become more widely used, it is now available for purchase through Axis distributors.

How to order the service

You can find two new SKUs in the pricelist:

  • 02682-001 2N Annual Device Subscription
  • 02683-001 2N Annual Apartment Subscription My2N

Find your role below and get to know your procedure.


  1. Receive the order from your integrator
  2. Place the order in the same way you’re used to with other 2N/AXIS products
  3. Get the PDF with My2N Voucher Codes in the eDelivery section of AXIS Partner Pages (It may take up to 20 minutes for the PDF to appear).
  4. Send the PDF or My2N voucher codes to your integrator


Order the My2N subscription the same way as you are used to with other products. Your distributor will send you the codes that you either resend to the property manager or use directly in the My2N Management Platform.

Property Manager

Order the My2N subscription (cloud calling from an intercom to cell phones) from your supplier. They will send you codes for you to use in the My2N Management Platform.

How to use vouchers in the My2N Management Platform

  1. Login to the My2N Management Platform
  2. Choose the correct My2N site
  3. Go to the ‘Subscriptions, licenses’ section and choose the first tile (2N® Mobile Video – Do you have a voucher? Use it for 2N® Mobile Video service)
  4. Enter the code and press ‘Apply Code’ and ‘Next’
  5. Follow the process until you receive the ‘Success’ message

Download the PDF manual with print screens if needed.

Streamline the process of ordering My2N services - order calling from intercoms to cell phones via AXIS distribution.

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