08.12.2022 Software

Introducing 2N OS 2.37: Give Your Customers Endless Possibilities

Change the user interface of the 2N® IP Style display to anything imaginable using the 2N OS 2.37 update. What else is included in the new version of the 2N OS? Find out!

Custom GUI API

Something perfect for projects with special use cases: the ability to create a custom look and modify the behaviour of the 2N® IP Style intercom’s 10’’ display. The 2N Custom GUI API is an easy-to-use, powerful tool that allows you to build a customized graphic interface with maximum freedom: upload the users’ chosen images and create whichever custom touch and swipe events are most useful for them. It’s a great new offering from 2N that will give you something unique to offer new customers!

Bluetooth button easier to touch

After feedback from customers, we’ve improved the Bluetooth button: from a round button in the corner to a bar at the bottom. A user can touch anywhere on the wide bar to start the authentication process. The wider bar is easier to touch and brings a better user experience!

Answering Units: improved security for users

A great improvement for users’ peace of mind and security. The 2N® Indoor View and 2N® Indoor Compact will now display the door contact state – a security notice when a particular door is left open too long. This icon will be clearly shown on all displays of the units: in idle mode, on the home screen, on the directory page and whilst in an open call.

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