10.11.2022 Products

2N® IP Style made safer – but not from what you might think

Our ground-breaking intercom gets a hygienic and necessary update: an AntiBac screen protector

ip intercomWho can remember the glorious time before the dreaded ‘C-word’ when most didn’t give a second thought to things like hand sanitiser, or touching objects like intercoms in public spaces? You don’t? No, us neither.

So how have we solved this concern and made our flagship intercom safe from not only cyber threats and vandals – but also pandemics? Well, it wasn’t easy. It’s one thing to add an anti-bac coating, and it’s another thing to make sure that the feature doesn’t compromise the performance of the intercom itself.

But – we made it work. After testing and researching many different coatings, we eventually found the perfect fit - a unique screen protector with an independent ISO lab validation that kills 99% of all bacteria and viruses within 2 minutes. It ensures the permanent protection of the display as it is powered by natural light. What’s more, it has eco-friendly, non-leaching surface technology.

It doesn’t end there. This screen protector adds extra value - it has a hardness rating of 9 (normal touchscreens have a rating of around 6), increasing the durability of the intercom’s display and protecting it against pretty much anything you can scratch it with! All whilst maintaining the smooth operation of the display and suppressing false touches caused by raindrops.

Name Order No.
2N® IP Style AntiBac (supports secured cards) 02719-001
AntiBac screen protector for 2N® IP Style 02743-001

Order the new 2N® IP Style by speaking to us today! As usual, we’re ahead of the game on something that will only be standard in a few years’ time, so it pays to get ahead with us.

Already installed the 2N® IP Style?

Don’t worry, you can buy an antibacterial coating as an additional accessory.