07.11.2022 Solutions

Make Your Residents Happy With the My2N Management Platform

Ever wonder about how a management platform can make the end user happy? There are several direct and indirect options. Let's take a look at them.

My2NMy2N is a cloud-based platform accessible from a web browser. This means you can connect to it anytime, from anywhere, from your computer or mobile phone. So what benefits does this bring to the residents?

Immediate response

Picture this: a resident has lost their house RFID chip and can't find it. This could be a major security risk, and a quick response is key in this case. With My2N, the facility manager immediately logs into the platform and disables the RFID chip, meaning that an unauthorised person cannot get into the building.

Remote support

Whatever the request (changing the name on the intercom display, adding a new user, or even device diagnostics), the resident doesn‘t have to be there. The facility manager simpy logs in to the system and completes the request via a web browser from their office, from home, or even while waiting for a resident in another building where the 2N solution and My2N Management Platform are not in use.

Contactless service

Of course, the contactless feature is closely related to the point above, but this point needs to be described separately. For many people, hygiene requirements have changed. For many residents, meeting other people can still be problematic. Whether it is just an awkward feeling or a legitimate health concern, many customers will appreciate not having to meet with the facility manager.

Services of the future

Only the My2N Management Platform offers the option of cloud-based intercom-to-mobile calling. Demand for such a service is skyrocketing, and the most reliable one is set up through the My2N Management Platform. Offer this premium service to all your customers.

Happy resident = returning investor

Keep your investors coming back for more by ensuring your customers are happy with your service. Start using the My2N Management Platform today - learn more from our specialists.

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