22.12.2022 Software

2N Elevator Center Made More Convenient With in-bulk Device Management of Emergency Devices

Keep all installed 2N IP devices for emergency communication under control and manage them remotely in bulk.

Do you have loads of devices registered in the 2N® Elevator Center and need to upgrade them to the specific firmware? Or perhaps you just took over a new site and you need to upload a template into connected devices? Whether you have dozens or hundreds of devices - you don’t need to manage them one by one anymore. Ease your workload and start managing them in bulk.2N® Elevator Center

How does bulk management work?

First, in the appropriate folder, filter the list of devices you want to perform a bulk operation on. You can filter by various parameters such as device type (choose between the 2N® EasyGate IP, 2N® LiftGate, and 2N® Lift IP variants), device serial number, SIM ICCID, firmware version, signal strength, connection type, and many others. You can combine the filters freely to filter out only the devices you really want.

Then, in individual steps, set what should happen to the selected devices – such as uploading a company or customized template, rebooting devices, upgrading to a specific firmware version, and rebooting again. These steps can be stacked as you wish and there can be a maximum of 5 of them in one action.

The new device list overview

At the same time, with the new version, we have significantly improved the device list overview, where the user is able to create folders and various subfolders (e.g. divided by country, region, and city). In these folders, the administrator can filter according to the selected parameters, such as the application of specific bulk operations.

Do you manage a 2N elevator emergency device…

 …but haven’t created an account in the 2N® Elevator Center yet? Now is the time!

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