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300 Access Readers for a Retirement Home in Bolzano

Why are 2N smart access readers the ideal solution for facilities with a higher probability of crisis situations? A good example is the Villa Melitta retirement home in Bolzano, Italy, where they ensure that medical assistance is provided as quickly as possible. If any of the clients encounter difficulties, the newly installed 2N readers automatically open all doors leading to their side. Read the whole story.

Villa Melitta (Bolzano, Italy) is a private retirement home and rehabilitation centre for more than 160 residents. The requirements of a project like this are clear. Intuitive access for residents and an easy-to-manage system due to the frequent changes in clients at the rehabilitation centre. An advanced requirement was integration with the Livion system by CWS. So, how did our integrator handle this task?300 access readers for a retirement home in Bolzano

He chose the 2N® IP Verso for video communication and installed RFID/NFC 2N Access Unit readers at the doors to all the rooms, swimming pools and gyms. In addition to conventional RFID cards, the centre’s clients can also use their smartphones to gain access. These must support NFC and have the 2N® Mobile Key app installed. 

Access to the building and individual rooms is managed using 2N® Access Commander software. This requires no special skills to operate. Adding a user and assigning access rights is simply performed by the receptionist when checking in a new resident.

Integration with third-party systems is part of our DNA, so connection to the Livion system was no problem at all. 2N products work together with the CCTV and monitoring system in this installation. And how exactly does the scenario we outlined in the introduction work? 

Crisis scenario

If one of the clients at the retirement home has a fall, their Bluetooth wristband sends an alarm and their location to the Livion system. It then immediately forwards both alerts to staff smartphones. It also sends an http command to 2N readers to open all doors on the way to the person who has fallen. This way, the medical staff will be able to help the senior in the shortest possible time.

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