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9+1 Access Options With the 2N® IP Style Intercom

The right intercom can handle much more than video calls, it can also provide authentication for access to a building. And the very best intercom offers access via several technologies at the same time.

WaveKey – Bluetooth rules

We’ve solved all the problems that have plagued mobile access until now, and we believe it will soon dominate the market. And as such, it must be an integral part of the 2N® IP Style intercom. Choose from four access modes. Each is suited to a different type of access and each offers the user a different experience. Wavekey

  • Touch mode. The user simply touches a virtual button with the Bluetooth symbol on the display and the door opens almost instantly. And where is their phone? Safely tucked away in their pocket, purse or backpack. A convenient method applauded by users the world over.
  • Tap in app mode. Grab your phone, unlock it, open the app, press the door button and in you go. A more complicated process than touch mode, but more secure. The need to unlock the phone is the crucial step that makes the system as bulletproof as possible.
  • Motion mode. Simply approach or wave and the door will open to authorised people only. Does that sound like something straight out of a science fiction film? No, it’s 2N.
  • Card mode. Users don’t want to give up the card swiping motion they know so well? Then don’t make them. Just tell them to swipe their phone in front of the reader instead of a card. And it doesn’t matter whether they have an iOS or Android phone.

Good old RFID

RFID cards and key fobs currently dominate the market, so the 2N® IP Style supports all the usual and less usual cards offered by various manufacturers.

  • 125 kHz. The least secure frequency, which we no longer recommend. The 2N® IP Style mainly supports it to ensure smooth transition to a more secure frequency or Bluetooth.
  • 13.56 MHz. A well-established frequency, which has its own undeniable advantages (a higher level of security than 125 kHz), but also many disadvantages (high operating costs).
  • NFC. Although this technology belongs in the mobile access section, we’ve listed it here because it’s based on the RFID standard. The user holds their smartphone next to the reader and the door opens. Unfortunately, this technology has one catch. A rather big one. Apple smartphones don’t support this technology.

PIN code for one-time visits

PIN entry is hardly used for regular access at all these days, but it’s suitable technology for one-time or limited-time access. The touchscreen display of the 2N® IP Style intercom also supports a scrambled keypad. The individual numbers are displayed in a different position each time, so it’s much more difficult for somebody to learn the code by watching it being entered.

One-time visits with a modern twist? Use a QR code

Have you heard that the 2N® IP Style supports QR codes? It can’t actually do this yet, but we’ll be releasing an update any day now to provide this new feature. QR code access is very similar to using PIN code access (one-time and time-limited access), but it’s more secure and completely contactless.

(License plate) – luxury carpark

And the last feature is the +1 option. The 2N® IP Style, like all our IP intercoms, can open a barrier gate using license plate recognition. As with the other intercoms, you need an external AXIS camera with AXIS License Plate Verifier or Vaxtor software for this. And why are the words licence plate in brackets in the heading? Because installing a 10-inch touchscreen intercom on a stand at a carpark entrance is not exactly typical. But on the other hand, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so.

The 2N® IP Style intercom has mastered different access methods, but what about its other features? It excels in those too. Its display will captivate you from any angle, the graphic interface will hypnotise you with its animations, the camera image will dazzle you with its range of colour and the durability of the product will simply blow you away.

Everyone can choose their favourite access method

Never install an intercom and reader on the same door again. Install one device that does both perfectly.

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