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The 2N® IP Style Graphic Interface: As Fast as a High-End Smartphone

If you’ve already had the chance to get your hands on a 2N® IP Style intercom, you already know the incredible speed and precision with which it responds. Read on to find out why a fine-tuned graphic interface is crucial for a modern intercom. And why the 2N® IP Style is ideal for residential projects and office buildings.

Intercom IP Style, man

Fast and reliable response

The 2N® IP Style door intercom responds just like you’re used to with today’s top-of-the-range smartphones. Our aim was to make sure that you didn’t notice any delay between touching the screen and the intercom’s response. And we succeeded. We managed to cut the response time of the 2N® IP Style to the absolute minimum. But speed isn’t everything, and the graphic interface of our best intercom can do a lot more. Check out the display animations in our entertaining video with Jacob or in the more detailed video presentation.

Graphics tailored to user requirements

Unlike the majority of intercoms, the 2N® IP Style can adapt to the type of building in which it’s installed. It offers a different graphic interface for residential projects and office buildings. Why? Because the requirements for access control to an office or flat are completely different. The 2N® IP Style offers the following two modes:

  • Office building mode - when the intercom wakes up from sleep mode, visitors will see large tiles with company logos. Clicking on one of them will open a conventional tree structure divided by department, under which the names of individual employees can be found.
  • Apartment building mode - you will find the tree structure here too, but you can sort residents by wings of the building or even floors. The delivery driver doesn’t know which floor the resident lives on? They can use the magnifying glass to find the resident with a full-text search.

You can also customise the interface in other ways. Choose from several standby modes. The intercom can show an address, a picture or a slideshow of multiple pictures. And we haven’t forgotten the little things, like placing the Bluetooth button in the left or right corner. Choose the corner according to the side of the door where you are installing the 2N® IP Style and make it easier for users to reach by a few centimetres.

Can the 2N® IP Style do anything else?

Yes, much more. Read about its surprising robustness, all-seeing camera and ten-inch display. We will also be bringing you an analysis of all the access control options soon.

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