21.02.2023 Software

What Features Does 2N OS 2.38 Give Door Access Control Systems?

The latest 2N OS lets you enter rain test mode on the 2N® IP Style video intercom. But it brings more features that give you and your customers a better IP door access control system.

Do you remember how great the last update to the 2N OS was? Well now, we’ve made more improvements: 2N OS 2.38 enhances some fantastic features you’d be crazy to miss out on! But what are they, and which devices in your IP door access control system will it affect?

Rain test mode: demonstrate to your customers how flawlessly the 2N® IP Style works in the rain

Use the new rain test mode to really impress your customers by presenting how the IP intercom performs in the rain! They’ll be amazed at the quick touch responses and how (unlike most touchscreens) it totally ignores raindrops at the same time. Watch our video.

How does it work?

When you access the rain test mode, the whole screen gets black and when it recognizes a touch it leaves a white mark. All other features (like calling or access control) are disabled to be able to present even the slightest recognition of touch.

How to present false touches being ignored

The best way is to enter rain test mode and spray water on the display – and of course, water alone won’t leave the white marks we just mentioned. Then, to differentiate between the response to water and the response to touch – touch or draw something on the display: you’ll see white marks appear. To demonstrate how water and touch work together: spray the water again and touch or draw something on the display whilst it’s wet. You’ll see that the display recognises only the finger touches and ignores the raindrops!

How to switch the device to rain test mode

  1. Restart the device in the web interface of the device or by plugging it out and plugging in the ethernet cable
  2. Touch the IP intercom in the left top corner of the display on the welcome screen for 5 seconds
  3. Network settings will appear on the device
  4. Press the activate button in the Rain test mode section
  5. Rain test mode is ready!
  6. To get back to the normal user interface, restart the device again

Other improvements

  • Got the 2N® IP Style AntiBac? If you do, you’ll know that despite being a powerful addition to the device, it’s invisible to customers. So, we’ve added an AntiBac icon to the display to make sure they know the 10’’ touchscreen is 99% secure against all viruses and bacteria! You can turn it on within the web interface in the Display section (Display Antibacterial Notification)
  • You probably know that the 2N® IP Style can show slideshows on its display. But how has 2N OS 2.38 improved this? You can set time profiles: show different pictures both within the chosen time profile, as well as outside it - allowing you to expand customisation options
  • Have a project and want to use our indoor panel? No need to be concerned about integration possibilities: the 2N® Indoor View and 2N® Indoor Compact now support H.264 High and Main profiles – which means they now have higher compatibility with 3rd party intercoms and cameras.
  • We’ve also improved the screen lock background of the 2N® Indoor View: it’s now an opaque black which will enhance readability & user experience

Start using the features of 2N OS 2.38 in your door access control system

Check out the release notes for all the info you need, or simply get in touch! We’re always happy to help you get started.

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