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Discover the Most Exciting Feature Yet for the Video Intercom Market

It’s something you’ve never seen before, and it’s coming soon to 2N video intercoms…

Introducing adaptive Face Zooming

Wide-angle cameras in video intercoms give a perfect overview of the whole entrance and are a great feature in a sophisticated video door entry system. However, with wide-angle lenses, the visitor themselves can occupy a relatively small space, and if you can't see their face (or it’s too small compared to the rest of the frame) - you can't recognize them!

To combat this and amp up security we’ve developed a completely unique solution: adaptive Face Zooming. The camera in the intercom detects the face in the frame and zooms in so that the user at the indoor station can clearly identify their visitor in their indoor station (or on their phone with the My2N app) This gives our video intercoms perhaps the most sophisticated cameras on the market!

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Adaptive reactions to people in the frame

What happens when there are two people in the frame? The video intercom will adapt its field of view and automatically focus on both visitors to allow users to see everyone in the frame. And what if another person steps into the view of the camera? The camera feed will automatically change according to what’s needed. The video intercom will zoom out to again have a wide-range view of everyone in the frame. Once (or if) someone in the background leaves, the camera will dynamically zoom back in so it can focus on the visitors in the frame.

Supported products

It’s a video intercom feature, so it works with any 2N HW indoor panel, the My2N app, 3rd-party HW indoor stations or softphones, however, you will need to turn it on in the product web interface settings of the video intercom, which can be done easily. There are some instances where you might not want to use this feature, for example in integrations with VMS where you usually want a bigger field of vision.

Face Zooming and Pinch-to-zoom feature

Even when the Face Zooming feature is on, the pinch-to-zoom function will still work – which means users can zoom in even more (for example to see an ID badge) should they need to. If they want to see the whole picture again, there is a dedicated button (on the 2N® Indoor View, 2N® Indoor Compact and the My2N app) that will temporarily cancel the Face Zooming function. This can even be configured in 3rd party indoor stations using the DTMF tone “*”.

Face Zooming is NOT facial recognition

You don’t need to be concerned about GDPR rules regarding biometric data. This feature only detects faces, it doesn’t save them. Please note that this is not a facial recognition feature, so it won’t function as such.

2N video intercom that will support intuitive face zooming

2N® IP Style

It was only natural this video intercom should have this feature: the 2N® IP Style already has the best camera on the market, and this will add to it. Users can enjoy crystal clear colour images (even in low light), plus the ability to handle multiple simultaneous full HD streams.

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