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How Is the Set-up Process With My2N More Efficient?

Configuring simple residential installations is up to 90% faster in the My2N Management Platform compared to traditional web-based product configuration. How is that possible?

My2NThe My2N Management Platform is designed specifically for facility managers, building managers, or if you prefer, property managers. That means for people who are not only in charge of the access control system, but usually also the operation of the entire building, including security systems, cameras, parking, cleaning, heating, green maintenance, and even garbage collection.

For such a person, direct and efficient management of the access system is a priority. And that is exactly what the My2N Management Platform offers. So what makes it so efficient?

Only the required functions

The entire 2N solution offers a plethora of functions, but the typical facility manager will use no more than 10% of them. And it is exactly this 10% that we have identified and that you will find in the My2N Management Platform. This has made it much easier to manage the system, and administrators don't have to navigate through dozens of features and settings that they don't actually use.

Automatic Configuration

Setting up the access control system in My2N is easy.

  • Create an account,
  • add devices and users,
  • and set up your calls.

What's best is that you don't need to know the IP address, SIP account, authentication proxy, or firmware version to set up the installation. You simply tell My2N which device should make a call and where to, and My2N does the complicated configuration for you automatically.

Easy to navigate

The My2N Management Platform is really easy to navigate. Ease of use is crucial with this tool because, as we wrote above, a facility manager can be in charge of several systems. So as soon as a request comes in to change a user, the facility manager should be able to resolve that request, even if they haven't logged into My2N for a few weeks.

Bonus for integrators

The very first set-up (adding devices, users, call configuration, and access rules), can be done without even visiting the construction site. Just indicate to the installer which product to install and where. Once they connect the products to the network, everything works instantly.

Manage installations really efficiently

Start using the My2N Management Platform today, or talk to our specialists about all of its features.

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