04.02.2022 Software

Is Your 2N® LTE Verso Registered on AT&T Network? Upgrade It Today!

AT&T is going to sunset their 3G network on February 22, 2022. This could affect the functionality of the 2N® LTE Verso intercoms and therefore an immediate upgrade is required.

LTE Verso, houseAT&T, the leading provider of mobile services in the United States, plans to sunset the 3G (UMTS/HSPA) network in the Americas. As a result, even some 4G LTE devices may stop working properly after February 22nd.  One of them is our 2N® LTE Verso intercom, which now uses 3G voice services. Have you installed it in any of your projects? If so, follow the instructions below to ensure that the intercom does not lose connection and remains registered on the mobile network.

How to keep the 2N® LTE Verso up and running?

Log in to the My2N portal, select a specific “Site” and remotely upgrade your 2N® LTE Verso to the latest version of 2N OS (2.33.2). This upgrade will adjust the LTE module (Telit) settings and switch to "data only" mode. The intercom will make reliable calls over the 4G LTE network and remain available for remote connection via the My2N portal - anytime, anywhere.

What if you don't upgrade?

In that case, the 2N® LTE Verso will no longer work with your AT&T SIM card. On the day the 3G network is terminated, you will not be able to make any calls from the intercom and you will not be able to connect to it remotely. You will have no choice but to drive to the installation site in person, connect the Debug Module to the intercom and upgrade on-site from your laptop.

Upgrade your 2N® LTE Verso now and remotely!

With just a few clicks in the My2N platform now, you won't have to make unnecessary trips and waste your technicians' time in a few weeks.

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