30.11.2021 Compatibility

Integration of the Year: Webex Calling and 2N Intercoms

We are only the second intercom manufacturer in the world to officially support integration with the Webex Calling platform by Cisco. Be the first to offer it in your project.

Integration, Webex, 2NWebex Calling is a cloud-based phone system, ideal for medium-sized companies. It offers conventional business calls, conference calls and virtual meetings. All in one common user environment on multiple user devices. The transformation from local to cloud-based solutions is a clear trend. Get ready for growth in demand for the integration of intercoms, and in fact, any systems with Webex Calling.

By integrating with our IP intercoms, the system gains premium functionality. It becomes a system for secure and efficient management of door communication. Users can receive video calls from the intercom at the door directly in the Webex Calling client, transfer these calls and open the door remotely.

Apart from IP intercoms, our 2N® SIP Speaker and 2N® SIP Speaker Horn audio products also connect to Webex Calling, and the customer can use the platform for audio announcements. Intercoms and IP audio products can then, for example, broadcast evacuation announcements.

In the platform administrator interface (Webex Calling Control HUB), administrators monitor and manage all devices connected to the platform in real time, now including our intercoms and speakers. It should be noted that all communication is extremely secure (TLS, SRTP).

Transform Webex Calling into a door communication system

Instructions for connection and other information can be found on the 2N Integration HUB or our experts can provide any advice you may need.

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