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The 2N® IP Style Wins Two More Awards

The 2N® IP Style video intercom took home awards in two categories at the IoT/Connected Product Awards. Find out which ones.

2N IP StyleThe winners of the IoT/Connected Product Awards were announced at the Total Tech Summit in Florida, USA. The judges focused on residential and commercial IoT devices and other smart products that improve the lives of their users. Winners in several categories were announced, divided into devices for the residential and commercial market. The 2N® IP Style won awards in the categories Physical Security – Intrusion (devices for the residential market) and Access Control (devices for the commercial market).

We’re very happy to have won these awards and, to be honest, we expect many more”, laughs Lukáš Psota, Product Marketing Manager for intercoms. “But seriously. This is, above all, an award for everyone who worked on the development of the 2N® IP Style intercom. They can be really proud of their work.” Lukáš also adds: “Winning the award in both the residential and commercial categories confirms that we successfully achieved a difficult task - to create a great video intercom that’s suitable for both office and residential buildings.

Explore the 2N® IP Style from various angles.

  • All-seeing cameraread how joining forces with camera giant Axis Communications helped us achieve a top-quality image.
  • Stunning displayhow many pixels did we manage to cram into the 10-inch display and can you see anything on the display in direct sunlight?
  • Impressive robustnessthe all-glass surface may trick you into thinking otherwise, but you don’t have to handle the 2N® IP Style intercom with kid gloves.
  • Graphic interface just like a smartphone how do the animations look and how fast is the intercom’s touch response?

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