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Emergency Communication from Elevators

Any building with an elevator needs to address two-way emergency communication from the elevator cabin. In the event of a failure you avoid trapping your visitors or employees in the elevator and, moreover, you comply with the demanding European standards EN 81-28 and EN 81-70.

  • Simple installation without cabling
  • TÜV certification
  • SW application for call-making and management
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Emergency Communication from Elevators
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The 2N elevator emergency phone communications solution is designed for buildings with one or more elevators. In the case of becoming trapped in the lift you can easily summon assistance, at the press of one button. Our lift communicators then take care of the connection between the elevator cabin and key technical support workplaces, such as making a call to the maintenance technician or the nonstop recovery service.

All our elevator emergency communications are distinctly easy to install. Thanks to their using a two-wire data bus there is no need to fit new cabling or undertake construction work. What’s more, they can be set up remotely, using the voice menu.

The simpler version of the elevator communicator is designed to fit one lift and allows communication from the cabin to the machine room or monitoring centre. The alternative is a more comprehensive lift communicator, which lets you connect up to 8 elevator shafts to various communication points. This one also benefits from a high degree of modularity and you can opt for only the communications interfaces (GSM, UMTS, PSTN or VoIP) and modules that you will use at the given installation.

Included with the elevator communicator is a set of software applications for the complete administration and configuration of the system, the management of validation- and alarm calls, the remote management of all communicators, or even your own call centre.