We offer two options for swift transition from outdated analogue systems to modern IP solutions.

Enter the new retrofit market

Legacy cabling can no longer hold you back. 2N products which use a free cloud calling service will win you new projects.

Did you know that the market with retrofit projects is four times bigger than that with new buildings? Why limit yourself to projects with a new IP infrastructure when you can successfully offer your services elsewhere. And what is the ideal solution? Become independent of existing cables and route calls between the intercom and the indoor station via the secure My2N cloud.RETROFIT INSTALLATION

The My2N platform is not new – we have been offering it since 2016. And all this time, we have been continuously working on it to improve it, which is why it is now the most reliable cloud-based service for intercom calls. We successfully connect an astonishing 99.98% of all calls. The reliability of cloud calling is not only comparable to what you get using ethernet cables, but in some cases, it is even more stable.

We have removed the only barrier which hampers wireless installations – the price. Calls between all* 2N HW products via My2N are now free. With our help, you can work on all kinds of projects, regardless of the infrastructure.

Advantages of the 2N retrofit solution    

  • Independent of infrastructure 
  • Free cloud calling
  • Long-term reliability of 99.98%
  • No network configuration required

Try modern IP solution

Do you usually install access units and intercoms with obsolete cables? Now is the right time to try modern IP equipment. Even though installation of IP products is very simple, you never have to worry about it. Just connect to the internet, register in the My2N platform, and connect the devices to each other with just a few clicks.

Discover new opportunities. You can offer your customers modern services, such as quick access via the phone or calls received from anywhere in the world, and you can earn additional income. The whole installation can be managed remotely with 2N® Remote Configuration. If you prefer, you can leave management of the device to the local IT department. They understand right away what to do with IP products.

Your customers get added value by connecting their intercoms to third-party systems. It’s easy with our IP products. This is because we use open protocols such as SIP, ONVIF, RTSP and open API.

Benefits of switching to IP 

  • Efficient remote management 
  • Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Smart features for customers
  • Manageable by IT department

How it works

From now, devices no longer need to be connected to a single local network. You only need what is already available in most buildings – an internet connection. No additional investment is required. The advantage is that the internet provider does not need to be the same in every apartment. Simply connect the intercom and the indoor stations to the router. You can then add the devices in the My2N platform and setup free calling between them.


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Take advantage of new opportunities.

With us, you are bound to succeed on the market of retrofit projects.

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*Free calling does not apply to 2N® IP Handset

Buildings with legacy cabling

If the retrofit cloud solution described above is not suitable for your project, use the building’s existing cabling. Forget about scoring and replacing cables. Simply use the existing ones. Connect the analogue cables to a central converter. Connect IP products 2N® IP Verso (intercomsaccess control systems and indoor stations) to an adapter and the adapter to the analogue wire. Residents will then be able to start using convenient, modern features:

Recommended products

Take advantage of new opportunities.

With us, you are bound to succeed on the market of retrofit projects.

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